The Real Process Improvements Dilemma

Sure, there’s an increasing array of enabling technology – technology that promises to help us to refine the way we do our work, that promsies to make more effiicient the day-to-day drudgery of even the most mundane workflow. The Real Dilemma is, however, not rooted in the lack of inventive ideas and innovative systems, rather in the one major obstacle that no amount of technology seems to be able to overcome: human nature.

In my experience, those challenges deemed most problematic in the past – namely vendor selection, systems integration and data migration – are quickly evaporating as the line between IT and business blurs and point and click design interfaces relegate previously difficult implementation steps to the domain of the generalist. What does this mean? You no longer need a PhD in computer science to design a viable process management environment; common sense will do.

The Real Dilemma in Process Improvement is change management. Want to improve your processes? Start by mastering your understanding of human nature.