Augment your teams with assistance from experienced regulatory compliance specialists. With decades of experience in nearly all lines of business, we help you become more proactive and achieve greater peace of mind.



Our team of compliance experts possesses decades of experience helping insurance entities keep up with complex, changing regulatory requirements. Long-term relationships with state regulatory bodies and meticulous attention to detail means we’re able to circumvent DOI actions and respond to interrogatories quickly. Equipped with advanced software tools developed in-house, our regulatory compliance services teams help you become more proactive about compliance.

State Filings

Our in-house staff of state filings experts complete and submit thousands of filings annually in every U.S. jurisdiction, at every level of complexity. We pay your filing fees up front, fill out all transmittals correctly, and make sure your submission is complete.

Insurance Product Development

Our team has expertise in most P&C and A&H lines of business. We help you design profitable products by providing detailed competitive intelligence, reviewing forms, completing required checklists, drafting amendatory endorsements, and ensuring your forms library is up-to-date.

Bureau Maintenance

We review, track, and organize bureau circulars relevant to your lines of business. Our experienced compliance analysts submit filings in response to updated bureau requirements. With support from regulatory compliance experts, your teams can dedicate more time to focusing on proprietary filings.

Insurance Entity Licensing

Eliminate the concern around new license complexity or lapsed licenses by letting our teams keep you current. You maintain visibility into licensing status, while our licensing teams coordinate required renewal documents and make sure they are submitted on-time.

Compliance & Operational Assessments/Training

Protect your company against costly fines or damage to your reputation by closing operational gaps that could expose you to adverse regulatory action. Our experts assess where you stand today and bring your teams up to speed quickly.

Regulatory Research

Our experienced regulatory compliance teams thoroughly research pertinent information from current and historical insurance statutes and regulations. We also direct inquiries to our contacts at the DOIs on behalf of our clients to obtain DOI positions/opinions and other information that cannot be solely obtained through regulatory or statutory research.


Our experienced actuarial, regulatory compliance and technology consultants will assist organizations of any size and at any stage in their development. We respect each company’s unique internal workflow and business goals and craft our solutions to align with our clients’ individual needs.

Insurance and Reinsurance Companies

MGAs, MGUs, and Program Managers

New Insurance Entity Startups

Insurance Agents and Brokers

Captive Insurers


Insurtech Firms

Insurance Investors


Whether you are developing a new insurance product, moving to a new software system, or launching an insurtech solution, our experts can help you every step of the way.

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