Generate bureau-compliant statistical reporting data—automatically. Statistical Reporting Manager from Perr&Knight is industry-leading software developed specifically for the insurance marketplace.



Statistical reporting is a moving target with high stakes. Our expert-developed, insurance-specific software solution maps your internal data sources and automates the application of rules and structures files into bureau-specific formats. The result: faster filing and lower risk of penalties.

Take Back Control of Your Reporting

Stat Model

Our standard solution is a Microsoft SQL-server-based data model that leverages pre-built ETL processes using Microsoft SSIS from various data sources, including your legacy systems, core systems and/or other third-party business intelligence and database warehouse solutions. We can also use your preferred database software (i.e. MySQL, Oracle).

Rules Engine

Automate one-one translation of your specific business data values to bureau codes with stored procedures using Microsoft technology. We can also use your preferred ETL tool, (i.e. Business Objects, Informatica).

Submission Model

Automatically structure submission files in compliance with bureau-specific requirements and formats.

A Careful Process for Automating Data Management

Our experts bring decades of insurance experience to your project. In contrast to retrofitted data management solutions, Statistical Reporting Manager from Perr&Knight was developed to specifically help insurance organizations report easily and maintain compliance.

Clear Requirements Definitions

Our insurance experts facilitate discussions with your key stakeholders to define activities/tasks, roles and responsibilities, and deliverables, along with customized project plans that meet your budget and schedule.

Standardized Data Extracts

Reduce reporting complexity by starting with standardized data extracts and ETL routines that process information from your legacy and modern core systems simultaneously.

All Lines of Business

Statistical Reporting Manager features two distinct solutions: one to meet the highly specific needs of Worker’s Comp, and one for non-WC applications, including all other lines of business.

All Bureaus

The software addresses all bureau reporting requirements, including ISO, ISS, NISS, AAIS, NCCI, and Independent WC Bureaus such as WCPOLS/POC, WCSTAT, Financial Calls, DCI, and Medical Calls. Special data reporting includes State Agencies and NAIC Market Conduct Annual Statements (MCAS).

Error Correction

Use Statistical Reporting Manager to correct errors automatically. Available for an additional licensing fee, Error Correction notifies you of bureau error reports and creates a corrected copy of your data before re-submission.

Always Current

We monitor all statistical plan circulars and publications and upgrade Statistical Reporting Manager regularly to ensure you remain current as compliance reporting requirements change.

Why do leading insurance companies use Statistical Reporting Manager?

Accelerate Reporting
Eliminate Data Inconsistencies
Reduce Risk of Penalties
Save Money
Stay Current with Bureaus
Overcome Legacy System Roadblocks


Whether you are developing a new insurance product, moving to a new software system, or launching an insurtech solution, our experts can help you every step of the way.

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