The Values That Make Perr&Knight Unique

Our values, purpose, vision and mission are more than just how we think about ourselves. By guiding our daily actions, they ensure that we provide trustworthy and reliable services to our clients every time.


Perr&Knight helps its clients achieve their goals by providing actuarial and insurance operations consulting services along with software solutions that address operational challenges, increase efficiency and improve their competitive position.


To be known by all insurance professionals as the best actuarial and insurance operations consulting firm in the industry by providing high levels of customer service and quality work.To develop innovative software solutions that will revolutionize the way insurance companies manage their product development and compliance processes.


Our mission as an actuarial and insurance operations consulting firm is to provide extraordinary value to our clients by offering innovative and unique solutions to complex challenges they face while providing a positive and motivating work environment for our employees that respects diversity and recognizes ingenuity and hard work.

Perr&Knight Core Values


  • We never compromise on matters of ethics.
  • We are each personally accountable for the highest standards of conduct.
  • We practice honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work.
  • We fulfill our commitments – when we say we are going to do
    something, we do it.
  • We own up to and learn from our mistakes.
  • We give credit where credit is due.


  • We take the time to explain why, not just how, when training our employees.
  • We challenge our employees through stretch assignments.
  • We encourage our employees to take ownership of their assignments.
  • We encourage employees to develop through knowledge sharing.
  • We clearly communicate the skills and responsibilities of each position in the company.
  • We regularly provide honest feedback to employees on their performance.
  • We offer clear opportunities for professional growth.


  • We nurture creativity at all levels. We embrace new technologies.
  • We encourage our employees to collaborate with each other, our clients and our business partners.
  • We take a visionary approach to problem solving.
  • We take calculated risks.
  • We are never afraid to challenge the status quo.

Respect for Each Other

  • We are attentive and listen to what others have to say.
  • We encourage each other to express our views and ideas and are accepting of each other’s contributions, opinions and values.
  • We communicate directly and honestly with others even when those interactions may be difficult or stressful.
  • We are considerate of others’ time, feelings and circumstances.
  • We support a healthy work/life balance.
  • We celebrate the successes and accomplishments of our peers.


  • We are experts in our areas of practice.
  • We stay current with industry trends to ensure our work product is cutting edge.
  • We strive to deliver our work product on schedule, within budget and error free.
  • We clearly and completely document every work product.
  • We thoroughly explain complex topics.
  • We submit our work product to a rigorous quality review.


  • We make it easy to do business with us.
  • We work with a sense of urgency and responsibility.
  • We recognize that communication is critical.
  • We strive to anticipate and fully understand our clients’ needs.
  • We value long term relationships with our clients.


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