The future of personal auto insurance is here.

Recent telematics and data analytics advancements have opened up fresh opportunities to offer usage based insurance to drivers that encourages and rewards better driving while improving loss ratios for insurance organizations. Enhance your ability to compete on price and product differentiation while improving your risk assessment and reducing claims costs. The overall result is a more optimized business portfolio with lower risk and a greater competitive advantage. We offer all the background intelligence, risk calculation, technology analysis and implementation support your organization needs to launch or update your usage based insurance services and propel your business forward.



Usage based insurance offerings that meet your every need


Our actuaries are experienced at extracting key private passenger automobile rates and rating factors, including UBI specific information, from competitor rate filings in order to create informative and accurate competitive rate comparisons. We also create pro forma financial calculations and cost benefit analyses so that the value of UBI can be more easily seen.


Our consultants’ extensive knowledge of insurance department restrictions and opinions regarding UBI result in relevant, useful comparisons in each state. We also perform profitability analyses so that new entrants into the UBI space can have a better idea of their competitive position – with and without UBI.


We assist in developing your UBI grading systems by incorporating driving activities such as hard braking, speeding, time of day, acceleration, etc. based on either competitor information or information derived from historical data, and then incorporate this into your existing rating manuals. We consider rating variables restrictions based on current statutes and regulations so a more compliant product is developed at the onset in each state.


We are very familiar with each state insurance department’s specific UBI filing requirements. In addition, we have developed and continue to cultivate positive working relationships with insurance department personnel across the country – helping them to better understand new and innovative products such as UBI to assist in expediting the filing approval process.


We provide tools and services that analyze, aggregate, archive and model key UBI data to gain a greater understanding of current opportunities and offer accurate projections of future outcomes.


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