Expert analysis to reduce premium costs and increase operating profits.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, 25%-35% of the U.S. commercial insurance market is comprised of captive insurance and other alternative risk financing options. We help progressive, safety-conscious organizations recognize the value of designing and implementing internal risk management and retention programs to control their premiums, improve their loss experience and increase operating profits.

Our expert actuaries rely on precise calculations to provide an accurate, clear picture detailing whether alternative risk financing is appropriate for your organization. Decades of experience enable us to thoughtfully guide your organization through the design and implementation of self-insurance, captive insurance or other alternative risk financing programs that meet all financial and regulatory requirements, whether domiciled within the United States or offshore.

Thoughtful solutions that help you make smart decisions.


We help you determine your organization’s best course of action. Our actuaries have extensive experience with a broad array of alternative risk financing options including self-insured retentions, large deductibles, risk retention groups, risk purchasing groups, risk pools and joint powers authorities.


Our actuarial feasibility studies examine a wide range of program structures and retentions to provide you with an unbiased, complete view of available options so you can make an informed and confident decision.


Through our deep understanding of your organization’s long- and short-term goals, we help you carefully design captive insurance and self-insurance programs–including limits, deductibles and retention analysis–that make the most sense for your organization.


We provide expert guidance to assist you in determining the right amount of capital to keep on hand at all times. We provide detailed pro-forma financial projections, loss reserve analysis & actuarial opinions, loss projection & funding analysis and certification of self-insurance reserves.


Quality information helps your organization’s decision-makers quickly understand the projected impact of their choices, including equity & cost allocation, cash flow analysis and analysis of the impact of reinsurance.


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