Save time, save money. Eliminate the hassle of accurate, on-time statistical reporting.

Say goodbye to labor-intensive manual reporting. Quickly migrate and combine compliance information from legacy and new core systems without having to manually sort and detangle data. Our cutting edge Statistical Reporting Data Model Solution leverages the power of rapid data aggregation with bureau expertise to ensure accurate, on-time reporting. The “PK Stat Solution” is a proprietary software solution that also allows you to have the option to confidently continue managing your statistical reporting in house. Ensure your data is clean, correct and submitted on time. Stop worrying about missed deadlines and steep fines. Use our PK Stat Solution to keep control of your data and make sure that your company stays compliant.


The PK Statistical Reporting Data Model Solution is divided into 3 distinct components

PK Stat Model

Our “standard” Microsoft SQL Server based data models leverage pre-built ETL processes using Microsoft SSIS from various data sources, including your legacy and core systems as well as other third-party business intelligence and database warehouse solutions. We can also use your preferred database software (i.e. MySQL, Oracle).

PK Rules Engine

Automated one-one translation of your specific business data values to bureau codes with stored procedures using Microsoft technology. We can also use your preferred ETL tool, (i.e. Business Objects, Informatica).

PK Submission Model

Automatically structure submission files that are in compliance with bureau specific requirements and formats.



The first truly reliable automated statistical reporting solution


Accelerate filing efforts while reducing reporting complexity by using standardized data extracts and ETL routines that process your legacy and modern core systems information simultaneously.


Reduce your dependence on costly manual processes and technology maintenance. Automate your data mapping processes and eliminate the need for large in-house teams or expensive outsourced consultants.


Catch data inaccuracies before reporting. Ensure your data is correctly formatted to each bureau’s standards so your reporting is on-time and consistently compliant.


Ongoing solution upgrades ensure that you remain current with ever-changing bureau compliance reporting requirements – because we monitor all statistical plan circulars and publications so you don’t have to.


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