Khushboo Jashnani

  • Manager
    Business Analysis

Khushboo Jashnani is a highly skilled and experienced Business Analysis Manager with a passion for creating innovative and user-centric digital solutions. As a strategic thinker and collaborator, she has successfully led cross-functional teams in delivering high-quality products that meet market demands. As a detail-oriented individual with a customer-centric mindset, she ensures that each product is tailored to address user pain points and drive exceptional user experiences.

Khushboo brings over 12 years of product management and business analysis experience, with a proven track record of successfully delivering products that align with business objectives and create exceptional user experiences. Her expertise spans various industries, including Telecom, Media, and Manufacturing, where she has effectively led the development of both new and existing products from concept to launch and beyond, ensuring scalability and customer satisfaction throughout the journey.

Khushboo’s qualifications include a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering, certification as a Scrum Master, and specialization in product management.

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